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Welcome to our new course information and new team lowdown. Being held at our new venue Hamerton + Jones in Goudhurst in Kent. This course starts 12th of September at 7.30pm...and runs for 6 weeks culminating in a drinks at the end of the course, and an optional meet up with the babies once they've all arrived! JOIN US at ANY STAGE OF PREGNANCY for a membership that runs a year with so many benefits including goody bags and discounts on local services...

Please contact us for more information on dates and membership info..

Kelly Ainsworth- Director

Hi I'm Kelly Ainsworth Director here at OITOC. I am a mother to two small boys, and have experienced birth fairly recently myself, so I have a good understanding of the kind of support a woman needs at this time, and I feel that NHS and other local Antenatal courses can't offer you what we can. An amazing team of dedicated, professional, passionate practitioners who believe in informed choices, and exceptional bespoke care tailored to your needs.

After working as an (NNEB) Nanny all over the world for 20 years, and training as a Maternity nurse too, I felt it was time to give back and create a club where I could share my experience and knowledge with parents to be. From practical, continuous breastfeeding support, gentle sleep guidance (and techniques to get more sleep!) and new baby care, I can offer you real antenatal and postnatal help.

Join our club and receive the best advice, care and friendship with other local parents. For testimonials, and more info about my parenting work please look at or call me direct on 07891008738

Rachael Wade - Our Midwife

Rachael is an experienced and passionate Midwife. Previously working with Maidstone and Tunbridge wells NHS Trust, currently working independently.

I am a highly focused, knowledgeable but approachable Midwife, with experience of providing a high standard of midwifery care within a hospital setting as well as within a community team. Working with women who choose to home birth. Having a positive attitude and able to give encouragement and reassurance to low and high risk women, and their families throughout the pregnancy period. Supporting women physically, mentally throughout pregnancy and keen to share knowledge and experience with parents to be.

I will offer a question and answer session as part of my talk and cover basics such as pain relief as well and answering any specific questions on birth and labour that may be personal to you.

Camilla Golledge - First Aid

I am a local lifesaving, swimming and First Aid instructor, affiliated with the ASA, STA and RLSS. Also Mother to two small children.

My 90 minute session that I provide to expectant parents is supported by the RLSS and covers; Baby CPR, choking and drowning.

It is a fun, informative session.'Save a Baby's Life' workshops aim to teach basic emergency skills to anyone who cares for a baby.

Perhaps you would like Grandparenst or carers to come along and gain invaluable skills too? Find out more about Camilla at

Rachel Leeder - Massage

Rachel is a qualified NLSSM practitioner with a personal interst in assisting people to achieve improved mobility, posture and pain reduction.

I am passionate about enabling women to have more comfortable pregancies, having has Symphysis Pubis disorder during my first pregnancy. At the time I felt I had no where to go to recieve the help I needed. I cover Sciatica, headaches, neck, back and hip pain, improvment in breathing capacity and pre and postnatal support. Postnatal massage can relieve niggles and aches, and can relax and facilitate the body's recovery. Find out more at

Gemma Guise - Personal Trainer

Regain energy, feel revitalized and 'glowing' during pregnancy or as a new Mum with my pre and postnatal training.

I am a fully qualified pre and postnatal personal trainer, and an expert at creating effective exercise programs that will correctly address your unique physical needs as a pre and postnatal mum helping you to get strong, lean and energized whilst keeping you motivated. I am also a Mum so I fully understand how you feel during pregnancy and the blood sweat and tears you shed daily in looking after your little one. My training is realistic and take into consideration that you may not have slept in weeks!

I completely understand how difficult it is to fit exercise into Mummy life so I encourage you to bring your little ones along to some of my classes we can incorporate your little ones in to the workout!


Dr Joe Williams - Chiropractor

Dr Joe stands behind the principle of chiropractic; that a healthy spine leads to a healthier lifestyle.

He is well trained and experienced in a variety of chiropractic techniques making the care he delivers personal and safe for all ages. He knows chiropractic care is as important, if not more important in the early formational years of life. He is passionate about providing top quality care suitable for babies, bumps and beyond. 'Its a huge privilege to have the opportunity to maximise someones health potential'. Find out more at

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